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If you want to offer Bruce feedback on a particular subject or to just offer words of encouragement, you can e-mail

For those of you that read Bruce's Smart Money column, which is distributed to over 620 papers nationwide, you may submit your questions for Bruce by e-mailing Please reference that your local paper runs Bruce's column and we will pass your questions on to Bruce for response in your local paper.

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Bruce is available to voice commercials for you. If you have a company that can use a well respected and trusted spokesman, just let us know and we will furnish you with information on what it takes to have Bruce voice your commercial. Bruce has done commercials for airlines, banks, car dealers and companies that sell tires. You name it, Bruce has probably done a commercial for it.

Keep in mind that there are certain types of professions and businesses that we have to do background checks on before we can record the commercial. Don't pass up a valuable selling tool. Get in touch with us so you can have Bruce working for you.


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